The History of Escorts

Escort services and escorts have been around for a very long time. These services originally began in ancient times, and were a type of worship common in the temples. Many individuals were involved in this practice until the 4th AD. This was when all the goddesses within the temple were destroyed because the new emperor wanted them replaced with Christianity. Many of the escorts in Greece and Mesopotamia began wearing distinctive dresses so the people could easily identify them as escorts. The requirement of an escort was to be gorgeous, charming, and able to attract clients. Escorts in ancient Rome were considered a business and the government required them to pay taxes. What was unique was many of the escorts came from other countries instead of the local areas.

Escort services were also popular with the Muslims in Asia. Their main duty was to entertain and convers with the guests. These services were only affordable to the extremely wealthy during this period. These experts were required to learn different dances to entertain guests, and their education was considered critical. The most highly educated escorts were the most popular because they were considered sophisticated. A lot of these ladies became famous celebrities with an extremely high income.

Escort services continued during the middle ages when unemployment was a great threat. Escorts were taxed by the government and their incomes were low. Despite this, the services continued because clients were plentiful and there were not many opportunities for women during this time. By the 21st century, escort service became more organized. Los Angeles escorts offered companionship for gentlemen attending events or traveling. This provided a lovely companion for everything from an out of town convention to a party down the street.

Escort services are widely used all over the world today, and Zooey Zara is one of the best professionals out there. There are many events a gentleman does not want to attend alone yet taking a date is unappealing. An escort provides so much more than companionship for these gentlemen. They provide conversation, laughter, beauty, a dance partner, a dinner companion and more. An escort makes any event fun, scintillating and a pleasure to attend. A wide variety of ladies are available to attend these functions, and their services are extremely popular. The personalities are all different, the companionship genuine, and even the most dreaded and boring event can be a lot of fun. The common opinion is escorts are here to stay.